Are you want to branding your Products through e-mail marketing and SMS marketing? If your answer is yes, you are in right place.


We have vast database of Mobile Number and email ID of Worldwide. We can send bulk Emails and SMS for your Business, Products & Services.

SMS Marketing Solution

SMS Marketing Solution

E-mail Marketing Service

Our all email ID is Business class data in the world. Our all sending email go to inbox into the target people.

This is the cheapest solution for bulk marketing which is very effective and you will get its benefit very soon.

E-mail Marketing service

As every one knows, all business need marketing, be it big one or small one. So, every business tries to figure out how to do this within budget.

According to cost factor e-mail marketing is the cheapest solution. One study shows that currently almost 3.7 billion email address exits in global. Within 2022 it will be 4.2 billion. 

That means this market is too big. If any business can target the right prospect and make a professional e-mail campaign then boom.

Boom with E-mail Marketing

Boom with E-mail Marketing

Most of the giant company use autoresponder email service to follow up leads, re-marketing, send notification, blog announcement, promotion, sales confirmation and many more. It also saves lots of time because one time you write all e-mails and it will be sent by schedule or sequence.


​So, if you did not use this service yet, just contact us. We will provide all related support to do this.

Our E-mail Marketing Services:

SMS Marketing / Text Marketing Solution:

Man using SMS Marketing Solution on Mobile

SMS Marketing Solution

SMS marketing has more engagement rate than other methods. In the very beginning we would like to share with you some statistics. In general text message has huge open rate, near about 98% which is higher than any other marketing method.


Certainly Text massage guaranteed to reach the target audience but it has one limitation 160 character. But if you get help from professional, you can compose a sweet effective sales speech or provide information within these 160 characters.

Test massaging from mobile

Bulk Test massaging

Another source - According to tech jury “ 23 billion SMS are sent each day globally, where nearly a million SMS sent in the time you are reading this.” Report 2019.


Above all 75% customer are ok with getting text message and they never complain for SMS marketing.


Finally, if you are ready for start a text campaign with us just contact us or call us 88019 12 99 22 31.

Our Key SMS Marketing Features are:

For any further queries contact us:

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