How to Get Rid of slow Laptop, speed up PC fast for Free

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Everyone wants to speed up their laptop because no one likes a slow laptop. 

slow laptop frustration need speed up

Usually, when you purchase a new laptop, get expected performance but time-to-time performance decrease. It because of the operating system, malware, virus, and hardware fault.

So maintenance is required to speed up your laptop, otherwise, you will always search on google, why my laptop is slow?

Below we suggest a few tips and tricks, which you can follow to fix your problem.

Laptop or PC Speed up Complete Guide Line

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Stop system tray programs to speed up laptop

To make speed up your laptop, stop system tray programs.

To do that, just follow the below steps:


At first right click on the program’s icon in the system tray,

Secondly, select disable/close/exit.

Another Solution: 

From Task Manager – Disable background programs on Windows. Windows Task Manager can close programs that the system tray cannot.

Minimize start-up programs

If you want to Speed up your laptop fast, you must minimize start-up programs.

Below you will get the required instructions:

laptop win10 startup

1. Firstly, Right-click on the shortcut of the program you want to start minimized and select Properties.

2. Secondly, click on the drop-down menu under Run.

3. Thirdly, Select “Minimized,” then click the OK button.

Stop all types of windows Updates

Most of the time windows update, grabs most of the resources of the laptop. As result, laptop speed falls. So do not update windows in working time, do it only leaser time.    

To take control of windows update follow the below instruction.  

stop windows update


Open Run command (Win key + R). 

Type in “services.msc” and hit Enter.

From the Services list, select the Windows Update service.

Select on the “General” tab and change the “Start-up Type” to “Disabled”.

Restart your laptop.

Remove unnecessary documents and programs

The unwanted resource is one of the main causes for slow laptops. To increase laptop speed follow the steps

  1. Open Run command ( Win key + R )
  2. Type in “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter.
  3. Select the unused program and click on the Remove button.

Figure out and stop high consuming win resources

High-consuming windows resources are the important causes for slow down laptops, So remove this barrier and speed up fast your windows do some changes.

windows resource used

To find out CPU what percentage is using, open Windows Task Manager (Control + Shift + ESC) and click more details. The Processes tab finds out which program is problematic or unnecessary (except windows process). Select that and click end task.

Regulate Laptop power preferences

Power preference is very important to boost up laptop speed. To do so follow below steps:


laptop power setup

· Firstly click Start

· Secondly select Control Panel

· Thirdly select Power Options

· Fourthly select Change battery settings and Select the best power profile you want.

Turn on or off Windows features

Windows features control is very important for laptop speed. Just get the process in below:

  1. Firstly, click the Start button.
  2. Secondly, select Control Panel
  3. Thirdly select Programs.
  4. Fourthly, select Turn Windows features on or off.

(Sometimes you need an administrator password or confirmation)

Clean-up full disk


Everyone should clean up the full disk regularly. It always helps to speed up the laptop fast.

Working Process:

Firstly in the search box beside the Start button type Disk Clean-up, and then select Disk Clean-up. Select the drive that you want to clean up, and click OK.

Occasionally use hard drive Defragment

Hard drive Defragment is very necessary for hard disk. Here I describe the hard drive Defragment process to speed up Fast your laptop.


Firstly in the search box beside the Start button type Disk Defragmenter 

Secondly click Disk Defragmenter 

Thirdly select drive

Fourthly, click analyze and then click optimize.

Graphics and Animations adjustment

Graphics and animation adjustment is a very intelligent way to speed up your machine.


Firstly in the search box beside the Start button type Animation or Graphics

Secondly, click Animation or Graphics

Select your desire settings.

Animations-adjustment settings

Clean malware

Most of the expert says, “Malware is the root cause of slow laptop”. So get rid of it flow those steps:


Firstly in the search box beside the Start button type windows security

Secondly select windows security

Thirdly click Virus & threat protection 

Finally check the result and if any malware is found then, quarantine/delete or remove malware.

Stop using Cortana

Cortana is a very useful program but most of the users do not use this program. So if don’t use this program just stop this by following this process:

windows 10 Cortana

Firstly in the search box beside the Start button type edit group policy

Secondly, select Administrative Templates (Under Local Computer Policy)

Thirdly select Windows Components then Search.

Finally Double click on Allow Cortana and select disables then ok.

Replace HDD with SSD

You will get the visual difference within the quickest possible time by replacing a hard disk with SSD because SSD is 18 times faster than a hard disk.


Therefore, you will get super speed from the very begging to the laptop start.

Never run too many programs

It’s common, run too many programs (like: browser, player, documents, etc.) at a time means total resources are divided into all programs, as a result, pc performance is hampered. So try to avoid run too many programs at a time.

Update or Reinstall or Reset OS

It is the most common and easy solution. Unless there is any hardware problem. After reinstall, your OS computer speed must be increase. Sometimes windows updates help to improve performance.



Firstly in the search box beside the Start button type check for updates

Select Update & security.

Click Windows Update.

Then Install and restart.

Get better cooling


Before getting a new cooling fan, firstly try to clean your cooling fan, run your laptop, and closely observe the result. If it fails to speed up your laptop then get a new cooler.

Stop syncing with OneDrive

1. Microsoft always recommends using OneDrive to secure your data but lots of users are not used to with OneDrive they like to use google drive or dropbox.

win one-drive

If you are not interested to use one drive, stop synchronizing with OneDrive, which will help to speed us your pc.


2. Right-click on one drive icon (near the clock) -> select settings option-> then Find the folder you want to stop synchronizing, and click Stop synchronize.


laptop-speed-problem solved

Once you have tried all those processes but cannot speed up your laptop! Please contact with service center and take consultation from a hardware expert.

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